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Activate Strategy.

Achieve Results.

Will You Thrive? Or Just Merely Survive?

How do we get to your 

desired outcomes?

The journey begins with a guided walk along the path of discovery


We will help you develop a clear and thorough understanding of your current situation, desired situation, the obstacles that standing between where you are and where you want to go - and what you need to do to get those obstacles out of your way, and reach your goals.


We will lead you through an exploration of each of the activities you identified and assessing in three vital dimensions.  Based on your responses you will know what needs to be done to ensure follow through on each mission critical activity. 


Keeping you on track is the focus now. We will readminister our assessment process to see how you are progressing. We will meet to check progress, refine action plans and suggest ways for you to maintain discipline and accountability.

​​The Crucial Ingredient To Increasing Productivity and Profitability

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Vice President Of Operations

Chris cares! Chris is sincere about helping individuals and companies achieve exceptional results. When it is time for light, camera and action, he is 100% focused on making sure that the message is delivered in a way that produces the best results. When off-stage, he is still focused on sharing knowledge and insight.

Training and Leadership Consultant

Michael Baldwin 

Michael Daniels

Chris brings passion, confidence and knowledge to the table and understands how to drive performance. Chris brings presentations to life and engages everyone in the room. You can't go wrong with Chris Gloss.

Will You Thrive Or Just Merely Survive?

Everyday people all around the world cope with profit-eating, productivity draining performance issues that could have been prevented and the real problem isn't what they think it is.

We invite you to begin your journey with one of our signature assessments.



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President & COO 

Brad Baumunk 

Chris has great energy and gets people involved and engaged. He is attentive to each learner or member of his audience and focuses on ensuring they get what they need from his delivery. That takes foresight and insight.

Chris is a true professional. He has strong communication, analytical and interpersonal skills. Chris is such a pleasure to work with and brings his "A" game everyday!! He is amazing! He brings so much sales/ training knowledge and any organization would be lucky to have him on his/her team for any project or job!

Mariza Garcia 

Regional Sales Manager

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