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In order to understand the gap from where you are to where you want to be requires assessing your level readiness. Don't take the risk in assuming you are ready, know by assessing your team.


This is our founding principle about training:

“There isn’t anything that isn’t made easier through constant familiarity and training. Through training we can change; we can transform ourselves.” Dali Lama


It's been said you can't manage what you don't measure. Without a solid process and systems in place to ensure success, you may be entertaining a wish.
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The Crucial Ingredient To Increasing Productivity and Profitability

Chris is charismatic. His presence is radiant and reflects a positive outlook. His presence is radiant and reflects a positive outlook. Chris captures his audience's attention with enthusiasm, analogies, and stories. He makes it easy to stay attentive and understand the message.
G. SaldivarLearning Manager
Chris has a knack for making his audience the hero. He sets them up to succeed, they do it (he is so darn knowledgeable and encouraging), and they feel great about their own success. Highly capable, very engaging, super entertaining ... and gets results.
C. BizgroveLeadership and Sales Consultant
Getting the audience to engage and his inspirational style brings an energy to the room that makes for a great experience. You will be amazed at how effective his style is and you will never be disappointed.
R. HandCustomer Experience Consultant
He has great energy and gets people involved and engaged. He is attentive to each learner or member of his audience and focuses on ensuring they get what they need from his delivery. That takes foresight and insight.
M. BaldwinVP Performance Optimization
Chris Gloss is dedicated to his craft, he will work hard to improve the performance and product knowledge of those he works with. Chris Gloss has a generous amount of energy and drive that infects those around him.
K. ThompsonConsultant
Chris is a true professional. He has strong communication, analytical and interpersonal skills. Chris is such a pleasure to work with and brings his "A" game everyday!! He is amazing! He brings so much sales/ training knowledge and any organization would be lucky to have him on his/her team for any project or job!
M. GarciaRegional Sales Manager

About Chris...

Chris has extensive experience with project management, delivering training for adult learners, soft skills, leadership development and propriety software applications.

He is an exceptional communicator, keynote speaker, and top performer who helps companies- nationally and internationally- exceed their targets and goals.

His vast experience enables him to deliver training methodologies, in collaborative environments, that allow participants the opportunity to retain information and enhance skill sets.


Tired Of Boring Training Sessions, Meetings and Events

Are You Ready For High Engagement And Interactivity?

Chris cares! Chris is sincere about helping individuals and companies achieve exceptional results. When it is time for light, camera and action, he is 100% focused on making sure that the message is delivered in a way that produces the best results. When off-stage, he is still focused on sharing knowledge and insight.
M. DanielLeadership & Technology Performance Consultant
Chris believes in highly interactive training, constantly engaging the trainees at all times to avoid the "lecture" syndrome that plagues so many classes. And being very fun and charismatic as well allows him to create truly fun and enjoyable experiences for his classes. Chris is a true professional, trustworthy, and easy to work with.
C. EisdorferOwner, ECE Consulting Group
Chris brings passion, confidence and knowledge to the table and understands how to drive performance.Chris brings presentations to life and engages everyone in the room. You can't go wrong with Chris Gloss.
B. BaumunkPresident & COO RCDA


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